Stocktons Retrievers

Available Puppy’s

White Polar Lab Pups

Born 9/24/23 Mother Lillie X Father Jack

Lillie Pups

Chocolate and Silver Lab Pups

Born 9/25/23 Mother Pearl X Father Goose

Pearl Pups

English White Goldens Pups

Born 9/21/23  Mother Chloe X Father Zeus

Chloe Pups

Chocolate Lab Pups

Born 10/23/23 Mother Coco X Father Goose

Coco Pups

Fox Red Lab Pups

Born 10/11/23 Mother Aspen X Father Ruger

Aspen Pups

We will post pictures of these litters at 3, 4 and 6 weeks old. 

Keep Watching!!!

Stockton Retrievers