Stocktons Retrievers

Upcoming Litters

Expecting Mom’s

Labrador Pups on the way!

 Puppy’s Expected around 6/12/24     

                White Polar Lab Pups > Stocktons Seattle Slew X HR Mister Jack Frost

Home first part of August, 2024

 Puppy’s Expected around Middle of August          

               Fox Red and White Lab Pups > Cassie X Jake      

Home First part of October 2024


Puppy’s Expected around Middle of August

White Polar Lab Pups > Lillie X HR Mister Jack Frost

Home first part of October 2024

Check out the parents under out  under our “Labrador Retriever” Tab

German Shorthaired pointer - GSP

   Keep watching will post when we have a female breed.

                Black /white and Liver / white Pups 



English Creme’ Golden Retriever Pups on the Way!

Puppy’s are here!  They were born 5/23/24.  We have 4 boys and 4 females               

 White Golden Pups:  Stockton’s Hollywood Chloe X Stocktons Hollywood Zeus

Home - 7/18/24

We will post picture under Available Puppy’s tab starting at 3 weeks  - check them out!

Doodle Pups on the WAY!

Keep watching - we will post when we have someone breed.  

Stocktons Retrievers